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Hearing loss is a slow process that is difficult and stigmatized for affected patients to self-diagnose. Patients depend on trusted doctors and especially primary care providers (PCPs) to diagnose hearing loss and to refer them to hearing specialists for further treatment if need be. However, most PCPs and other trusted healthcare professionals who could test their patients for hearing loss choose not to do so. Even though they are fully billable to insurance, modern hearing tests are too complex and too costly for non-hearing healthcare providers to prioritize over other alternatives.

Hearing Healthcare Pro™

dB Diagnostic Systems is excited to unleash widespread hearing testing with Hearing Healthcare ProTM Platform Suite. This FDA 510k cleared propriety software application and hardware suite motivates relevant healthcare providers to test their patients for hearing loss. Our patented solution is the most compact, easy-to-use, and provider-friendly solution available today. With deep industry experience and expertise, dB Diagnostics engineered the Hearing Healthcare Pro for healthcare providers not normally trained or equipped to provide hearing healthcare. We are continuously working on improving and developing our software and hardware platform suite. The current Hearing Healthcare Pro will (1) take advantage of a practice’s existing resources, such as visiting patients who wait in an existing examination room to see the doctor; (2) allow patients to be tested minimizing staff time; and (3) is a covered service by most health plans including Medicare and Medicaid.

Our Mission

dB Diagnostics aims to revolutionize early hearing loss identification processes by engaging non-hearing healthcare providers and improve hearing-related quality of life across all populations.


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